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SeaTalkie wins the HK ICT 2017 -
Gold Award - Best Lifestyle category

User Guide of SeaTalkie

Firstly, plase see this youtube for the quick user guide



Secondly, plase see this youtube for the maintainance

Thirdly, read the important note below:

Attention about battery:

SeaTalkie has a rechargeable lithium battery. We suggest to recharge the battery after you use it every time. 
If you don't use SeaTalkie for a long period. Please recharge the battery once a month. This is because too low electricity will damage the battery.

Using tips:

      1. Hold the PTT for 1 second before speak out, because the other SeaTalkies need a little bit time pick up your signals.
      2. Speak slowly and clearly.
      3. Slogans are suggested for clearly communication. That means your team should know what you say even in weak signals
      4. To get better performence: wear the SeaTalkie near the right shoulder or helmet. Equip it with the Chest Strap, Vest Mount or Helmet Mount.
      5. Plug in earphones if you need clearer voice.

About the Feedback Noise:

There is feedback noise if 2 or more SeaTalkies are speaking too close (5 meters or less).
This happens at mobiles phones too if 2 mobile phones are talking too close with both speakers are enabled loudly.


After using at sea, immerse SeaTalkie into clear water for 10 mins. Then shake it and wash it. This can help to dissolve and clear the salts inside.



Or you can communicate with higher power walkie talkie to enhance the range


Product description

  Supports android handsfree
  Waterproof speraker at the back
. Using USB (5V) battery for charging, with the adapter

How to operate (Hardware)

Turn on: Press [Vol+] and [Vol-] and hold for about 4 seconds. Untill you hear 3-rapid-beeps. Then release buttons.
Turn off : During standby. Press [Vol+] and [Vol-] and hold for about 4 seconds. Untill you hear 3-beeps.Then release buttons.
Set SeaTalkie
connectable to
Android Phones
Press [Vol+ and [Vol-] and hold for about 2 seconds. Untill you hear the 1st-beep.Then release buttons.
You will see the blue, green, yellow, red leds flash alternately.

Also, press [Vol+] and [Vol-] and hold for about 2 seconds again to disable this.
Change talkie channels Press [Vol+] and [Vol-] and hold for about 3 seconds. Untill you hear the 2nd-beeps.Then release buttons.
The led will change. The sequence is blue -> green -> yellow
Change speaker
and headset volume :
Press [Vol+] shortly for volume up.
Press [Vol-] shortly for volume down.
Mute Speaker /
Un-mute Speaker
(Must know)

Press and hold the [ PTT ] and [ Vol - ] for about 2 seconds till the 2-beeps. Then release buttons. The red LED will flash and the Speaker is mute.

Do this action again to un-mute the speaker.



How to operate (Software)

User interface

Using Android-App to control by bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) technology.


[ SQ ]
to set the threshold sensitivity of to receive radio waves .
The higher [SQ] means the higher threshold. Which needs higher receiving signals.
Thus, setting higher [SQ] is better for shorter distance communication, because this can avoid getting unwanted signals.
Choose lower SQ to receive longer distance signals.
Set SQ to "0" to receive all signals including background noise.

[ Mic input ]
let you choose the internal mic or android handsfree for speaking.

[ Speaker ]
is turn on / off independently. No matter you insert headset or not.

[ Mic Sense ]
the higher number, the higher sensitivity to you voice.

[ VOX ]
Voice active talk function. Speak louder to send out your voice without pessing any buttons.
The higher number, the higher sensitivity to you voice.


[ Lock Country selection ]
Just un-tick it before you select different contry channels.

It is a kind of coding method to prevent "jam" in each channel. May google "CTCSS" for more details.

[ BLUE ] , [ GREEN ], [YELLOW]
are the three channel set into SeaTalkie. Each channel includes "Channel number" and "CTCSS".

[ voice encrypt ]
This function used for SeaTalkie only, not compatible for other walkie talkies.
User can set from 1 to 8, 0 for disable this. The other side has to choose the same number for listening.


The use of mounting accessories:

The Chest Strap:

The Vest Mount:

The Helmet Mount (video-1):

The Helmet Mount (Video-2):

Download Quick User Guide

For FAQ and Trouble shooting: Click here


For business and product details:

  Founder: John Mak  
    Whatsapp / TEL: (+852) 6558 2679 (Hong Kong)