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SeaTalkie wins the HK ICT 2017 -
Gold Award - Best Lifestyle category




Or you can communicate with higher power walkie talkie to enhance the range


Technical details

Transmit from SeaTalkie

About over 5 km for hilltop to valley, varies at different environment
About 500 to 800 meters for both side at sea-level (actual test)

Radio channel

UHF- 400~480 MHz,

With fixed channels as shown below:

"409 MHz" for HK, China, Macau
"KDR-444" for Sweden and Norway
"PMR-446" for Europe, England, France, Spain, Italy and more conutries ... ...
"American FRS" for USA, Cnada and Mexico
"467 MHz" for Taiwan
"476 MHz" for Australia and New Zealand"
"477 MHz" for Malaysia



Special Function

VOX (voice active)
Channel protection : limited time for PTT
Suport android handsfree, the "VOL-" button is PTT (push-to-talk)

User interface

Using Android-App to control by bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) technology.

POWER 0.5W for transmission
Battey 1500 mAh , rechargeable lithium battery
PTT time about 90 mins (transmit)
Incoming calls about 180 mins (speaker enabled)
Standby about 30 hours
Weight 70g
Size 101 x 44 x 21mm (with antenna, not including back-clip)


SeaTalkie is waterproof.
3-meter for 3 hours, 5-meter for 30 mins.
All hole are waterproof without any covers.
Pleae see the youtube for more details:


For business and product details:

  Founder: John Mak  
    Whatsapp / TEL: (+852) 6558 2679 (Hong Kong)