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SeaTalkie wins the HK ICT 2017 -
Gold Award - Best Lifestyle category

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SeaTalkie FAQs

Q1 : Why don't use higher power instead of 0.5W ? That may make longer range.

Ans: Casue most countries accept the Walkie Talkie lower than 0.5W for license-free only.

Q2 : Will it cause dangerous if I recharge battery when the charging-port still wet ?

Ans : No risk caused by SeaTalkie. Because the battery has an internal protecting circuits.
But we do not recommend this cause it will affect the charging quality. Also the electric-power would return the power source and damage it.

Q3 : Why don't use the micro-usb port for charging instead ?

Ans : There may water stay in the micro-usb port after getting wet. And hard to make it dry.

Q4 SeaTalkie 接收不清楚:

Ans : 有兩種情況:

情況: 1: 語音不清
可能是對方的 SeaTalkie 內的防水收音咪表面有積水。 可叫對方 "拍拍" 或 "搖動" 機身。把收音咪表面的積水弄走。

情況: 2: 如果接收有"沙沙聲"


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