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SeaTalkie wins the HK ICT 2017 -
Gold Award - Best Lifestyle category


SeaTalkie FAQs


Q1 : Why don't use higher power instead of 0.5W ? That may make longer range.

Answer: Casue most countries accept the Walkie Talkie lower than 0.5W for license-free only.

The below image is for reference:

Or you can communicate with higher power walkie talkie to enhance the range

Q2 : Will it cause dangerous if I recharge battery when the charging-port still wet ?

Answer : No risk caused by SeaTalkie. Because the battery has an internal protecting circuits.
But we do not recommend this cause it will affect the charging quality. Also the electric-power would return the power source and damage it.

Q3 : Why don't use the micro-usb port for charging instead ?

Answer : There may water stay in the micro-usb port after getting wet. And hard to make it dry.

Trouble shooting

Trouble 1: Cannot understand what the other side say:

Solution: This may be the voice encryption function is activated and the SeaTAlkie of the other side does not use the same "encryption code". You can set this as show on the below screen. There is the "Voice encrypt" setting. Just simply set it to "0" to disactive it.


Trouble 2: Cannot hear clearly

Solution 1 : Hold PTT button for 1 second before speak, because the SeaTalkie needs a little resposne time to pick up the singals.
Solution 2 : Maybe out of transmit range. Because SeaTalkie is 0.5W transmit power, you can communicate the SeaTalkie with higher power walkie talkies to enhance the range.


Trouble 3: About the Feedback Noise:

There is feedback noise if 2 or more SeaTalkies are speaking too close (5 meters or less).
This happens at mobiles phones too if 2 mobile phones are talking too close with both speakers are enabled loudly.

Repairing (DIY)

Fixing the Speaker:

Fixing the microphones:

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