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SeaTalkie wins the Hong Kong ICT Awards - Best lifestyle award - GOLD AWARD

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SeaTalkie for Jetpack water sport  


Innovative waterproof walkie talkie

Hi, I am John. I designed a Walkie Talkie for Canyoning, Surfing, Kitesurfing, Standup paddling and Canoeing. It is called ˇ§SeaTalkieˇ¨. Please help me share this if you think it is useful. SeaTalkie is a new product and we are a startup company. Just want more people know it. Many thanks. For details : http://www.bfu-hk.com/

Posted by BFU on Friday, December 18, 2015


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  Founder: John Mak  
    Whatsapp / TEL: (+852) 6558 2679 (Hong Kong)
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bfuworld
    Email: seatalkie@gmail.com
  Strategy Business Partner GELAB https://www.gelab.co/

Distributors (to purchase or retail)

  Deraler at:
Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Asia
    Email: davy4291@yahoo.com.hk
    WhatsApp: (852) 9288 4571
  Hong Kong   Hong Kong Kiteboarding School  
  Maldives:   TEL: +960 9949413
  Other Countries   John Mak
  (Pay by Paypal)   Email: seatalkie@gmail.com
      WhatsApp: seatalkie@gmail.com

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